1) N-COUNT: usu pl, usu with supp, oft N of n Subtleties are very small details or differences which are not obvious.

His fascination with the subtleties of human behaviour makes him a good storyteller...

When a book goes into translation, all those linguistic subtleties get lost.

2) N-UNCOUNT Subtlety is the quality of being not immediately obvious or noticeable, and therefore difficult to describe.

African dance is vigorous, but full of subtlety, requiring great strength and control...

Many of the resulting wines lack the subtlety of the original model.

3) N-UNCOUNT Subtlety is the ability to notice and recognize things which are not obvious, especially small differences between things.

She analyses herself with great subtlety.

4) N-UNCOUNT Subtlety is the ability to use indirect methods to achieve something, rather than doing something that is obvious.

They had obviously been hoping to approach the topic with more subtlety.


English dictionary. 2008.

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